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captured [jana's bridal shower]

One of the greatest complements for me as a photographer, is to have a photographer who's work I admire, trust me in capturing one of their special moments in life. Meet Jana - whose gorgeous bridal shower, I had the pleasure and honour in capturing.

Her talented work in photography - is filled with natural, yet beautiful captures! Something I myself, value when capturing and working on my own work. So to have her reach out to me and book me to capture this event was honestly both exciting and of course, I was a little bit nervous (haha).

This blog post focuses on Jana and a bit of her story- I wanted to share her views not only on what she looks for when she books and chooses a photographer for her real life moments - but also a bit about her. Please check her out and support her. Photography is more than just clicking photographs, it's storytelling, and capturing the true essence of whether it be events, portraits or even products.

I strongly believe, that you should choose your photographer based on your vision. We all have a perspective, and way to share your story. I just love her work, and cannot wait to use her to share some of my stories!

Read her interview below, amidst some of the wonderful moments I had the pleasure in capturing from her high tea inspired bridal shower.

1. What qualities do you look for when choosing a photographer for any event, or project?

Most of my personal photography needs are for life events like parties, my wedding, etc. so, in that case, I'm a person who is all about vibe. I try to choose someone I either know personally or feel like I understand their vibe as a person. I want someone who will enjoy the people at the event, feel welcome in the space, and able to capture as they please. I'm not too picky about style - I've chosen photographers in the past who have vastly different shooting and editing style as me, and others who are up the same alley as my own. I don't necessarily want to look at the photos and think "this is EXACTLY how I would've shot it", I want to look at them and see the artist too!

2.  How long have you been a photographer for? And what type of style of work is your favourite?

I've been a part-time hobbyist photographer for YEARS! I've been doing it full-time freelance for about a year and a half. I love capturing people! Whether it be for an event or a look book, I try to capture emotions and people in their authentic state. I love shooting with natural light and edit with a light and airy style.

3.  Who is (are) your current favourite photographers? (Could be celebrity or local)

This list is always evolving. Max Wagner has composition and minimalism down in a way that I can only dream of. Mike + Shari's work is a vastly different style than my own, but their vision is incredible. I will always + forever admire Taya Photography for her colour tones and vision.

4. What is the most important thing to you- when dealing with your own clients?

I always want my clients to receive their photos and think "This is me". My worst nightmare is for them to open a gallery and not feel that the photos represent themselves, their day, their family, or their event. That the posing, setting, or what not erased their genuine selves. I want them to enjoy the experience of being photographed (even if they hate it!), and see themselves in the photos. 5.  What do you do to prepare for a session (portrait or event)?

Both - Obsessively check my batteries and SD cards (HAHAHA), see how clean my lenses are, decide on what lenses to bring, HOPEFULLY remember to pack snacks. HAHA Portrait - I ask clients to fill out a questionnaire which helps me understand what they're looking for, often discuss outfit options for the shoot, Cruise Pinterest and look at poses and new ideas Event - I usually google the venue (if possible) and take a look at what others have done there, if possible, scout for lighting beforehand.

6. Tell me why you believe capturing moments through photography is important?  Why should it be on the top of your list? I love having photos of milestone moments because I have a HORRIBLE memory. We live in a society that is obsessed with taking photos and videos in the moment, posting them online, and moving on to the next thing. Having milestones photographed in a more intentional way allows for the photos and memories to live longer. I struggle with both wanting to live in the moment and record everything for posterity, so having events photographed for me (or by me!) is so important.  7. Tell us a little bit about yourself! Favourite things to do, drink, eat or experience. Any of your favourite places - or places you want to share as a fellow Vancouverite.

Coffee shops all along Commercial are really great - Moja, JJ Bean along there are really awesome. Currently obsessed with Di Beppe. Love the colour tones in there.

8th and Main is one of my go-to shopping hubs. Great selection, reasonable prices, and chill vibe

Olympic Village and Gastown are some of my fav spots to shoot!

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