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As a part of a new series called "Meet", I wanted to create a special story about... well simply put, people I have met and am going to meet!

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people as clients - many of whom I can now call friends. A key part of my work with a client, is to set up a chat prior to the session, to learn about each other. My style of photography should fit with my client's vision - of what they want the world to see or for more candid photographs, how my clients see the world.During my sessions, I have interacted with so many amazing and talented people - and now I would like to share them with you.

In my first post of the year, Meet Jada.

#1.  What was the motivation behind your session with Ishu Kler Creative?

I'm a graphic designer and I've been working in marketing and communications many years. I’m passionate about helping organizations engage with their audience through social media, blogging, content creation, public relations, and influencer marketing. Telling a story online through images, video, and the written word truly inspires me to create compelling content daily in an effort to capture the attention of an audience.

To meet client demand, I'm now expanding my graphic design business into a full-range digital marketing and communications agency called Hello Corro. The exciting part about this expansion is being able to develop a company that reflects my values, and being able to share those values with my clients.  As Hello Corro develops an online presence, it's essential to have fun and professional lifestyle photos for our website, social media, and networking pages. And this is where Ishu Kler Creative comes in!

I chose to work with Ishu because she understands the tone of voice that Hello Corro is trying to convey through our imagery. I can fully trust that she will capture a moment or an idea that will resonate with our intended audience. For me as a communicator, having a photographer whom I can trust with a visual narrative is paramount to delivering success for not only Hello Corro, but for our clients and their brands. I am excited to collaborate with Ishu on many more projects in the future!

The Hello Corro website will be launching soon, so please follow Jada for updates on the big launch!

Instagram @city.jada

Twitter @city.jada

FB @jada.natalie.stevens


#2.  How important is it for you to have photographs, not only of yourself - but of the moments that happen in your life.

Photography is instrumental in sharing a moment in time with other people. Working with a photographer like Ishu ensures that the moment is captured from every angle, and with great awareness of how colour and light can affect the tone and emotion of what is being captured. At Hello Corro, it is imperative that our images and photographs communicate the story that our clients want to share, and working with a professional photographer ensures that we are able to bring that value to our clients.

Jada Parq Vancouver Ishu Kler Creative

#3. If you could be in any magazine in the world, which one would it be and why? If I could be in any magazine in the world, I'd be in Vogue. I recently had a dream that I was a writer for Vogue, and that dream lit a spark to keep continuing to share stories through the written medium. I am also a visual communicator as well so if I'm allowed to dream really big, I'd love to work as an Art Director for Vogue, conceptualizing fantastic scenarios of fashion, design, colour, texture, and mood, big mood.

#4. What tips do you have for anyone out there, that has been contemplating having a session done?

For anyone who is considering working with a professional photographer, be it head shots or product photography, location is key. For portraits, choosing a location where you will be comfortable having your photo taken can make all the difference in the world. For product photography, understanding how the surrounding environment will appear in the foreground or background can invoke a particular tone that must be appropriate for your product. So be sure you have chosen a location that ultimately relates to the message that you are trying to convey.

xoxo Jada

Check out a selection of Jada's gorgeous photographs, from our session earlier this year. She bared the cold air and handled herself like a true #bossbabe.

Photography: Ishu Kler Creative

Hair & Make-Up: Glam in Van

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