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The second feature on a brand new series, called "Meet", is this lovely, outgoing and confident Shubhi Bharal. As most of you are aware, I have had the pleasure to come to India, where I have been travelling for the last 6 weeks or so. I will be here for a total of 3 months, and today, I finally have the time to settle down at a Starbucks, and to put together this blog post!

Shubhi Bharal. One of the easiest clients I have had the chance to shoot. I love it when my clients help me grow and come with their own ideas. Whether it may be angles or locations - photography is always something that you have to continue learning with. As an architect, Shubhi has an eye for design - but her love for fashion and details, is what's putting her out there.

We both love colour, bold contrasts and lines- so the locations we chose to shoot her content session were perfect. Starting off in Shahpur Jat, one of Delhi's most well known markets for the best of the best for Indian wear and accessories to the Lodhi Colony Art District. The art district, has been a project here in Delhi, where various artists from all over the world have had the opportunity to transform buildings within the neighbourhood, to magnificent works of art. There's so many different murals/backgrounds to choose from.

Check out Shubhi's interview below, alongside a sneak peek into a few of the photographs we captured together.

(Ps. Do not forget to check her out on social media, and support her. Her social media handles will be at the bottom of the blog post!)

- I.

Meet Shubhi Q&A

1.  Who are you? What do you do for a living?  (Include a little bit about yourself, ie. where you are born, grew up, what you studied?)

I am Shubhi Bharal, born and brought up in the capital of India, New Delhi. I graduated in Architecture, during which I realized my passion for fashion and styling. To be honest, I was perplexed if I should leave my course and pursue styling but then blogging came into picture. So now I am an architect and a part time model/blogger.

2.  If you could choose one magazine to be on the cover of- what magazine would that be, and why?    

I would definitely choose, Vogue India magazine. One of the reasons, is because it is, in my opinion, India’s best women’s fashion magazine. It gives all of India access to the latest fashion news, trends, accessories, and more. It always has up to date fashion and being on the cover of it would mean that my fashion is influencer worthy or has an impact on people.

3. What is your favourite city in the world?                         My favourite city would have to be Orlando. I went to Orlando, Florida when I was 16years old and since then it has my heart. 

4.  Who is your current favourite photographer - could be a celebrity photographer or someone local, that you know.   

My current favourite photography is Dabboo Ratnani. He is a portrait and celebrity photographer who works with various celebrities within Bollywood.

5.  Why do you think having professional photographs for your social media, business and professional life is so important?

Having professional photographs for my social media is very, very, important. Social media is my business front, it is what I use to help me generate business and gain exposure to current and new potential followers. I look for the highest quality when I shop, or source anything I do or believe in; So giving my potential clients (followers), the best quality in whatever I do is my utmost priority

6.  What are your favourite stores at the moment?

I really love the collection of Forever21. It is so chic and up to date with trends, and is also budget friendly. I always aim to buy things without spending a fortune to show my followers that a person can be trendy while spending less, and being realistic. Besides Forever 21, I like to shop local and to support local vendors, whether it be through markets like Sarojini Nagar. Check out my IGTV for a post on some of my Sarojini Nagar Hauls)

7.  Who is your favourite women role model?

Priyanka Chopra. I guess her name is self explanatory since she now dominates the world. I have been following her, from the time she became "Miss India", which is every girl's dream, including mine. She is smart, and the way she speaks compels anyone to listen to her. She motivates and inspires every girl of our nation as well as internationally.

8.  What are your aspirations in life?     I wish to be an example for the people who lacks confidence and feel unworthy and hence ignite fire in them. Since I believe that everyone has fire inside them, which only needs support and motivation to be revealed. 

9.  Where do you see yourself in 3 years?   I see myself influencing people with my experience, fashion styling and fitness. 

10.  What do you have in your purse right now?    Well I always travel light, so a wallet, lip balm (can't go anywhere without it), lipstick, moisturizer, toilet seat sanitizer (necessity!), hand sanitizer and a water bottle!!

11.  What do you do for self-care (meaning when you have down time to relax)   Nowadays I watch Netflix, besides that I find new ideas for the shoot or spend time with my family. Did I tell you that I have a joint family? Oh yes I do, and there are 16 people in my house living together plus a dog.

12.  What is your dream place to travel to?

There are many on my list, haha!! But to name a few places and things I want to see, would be experiencing northern lights in Norway, hot air balloon in Turkey, lighting of Eiffel Tower in Paris and many more.

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