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Beauty, style and a personality like no other. Meet Carlotta.

I had the pleasure of photographing Carlotta, now for the second time. One of the dreamiest clients I have ever worked with. We literally, get together to have fun, and the shooting literally fits somewhere in between that. Haha! Honestly, her comfort and ease in front of the camera, is something that I admire to have one day! (Let's be real, you all know I love being behind the camera first!)

Check out some of our favourite shots from her session last month and read a little bit about Carlotta below.

xxo- Ishu

A little bit about Carlotta.

Hi my name is Carlotta and I'm 27 years old. I moved to Vancouver to Italy 4 years ago (more or less!). The first time I visited Vancouver was in 2013, it was supposed to be only for a month but well...things change! I fell in love with this beautiful city instantly, so here I am. I decided to study my master here and after that I decided to stay!

I currently work in the Italian Chamber of Commerce as an Office Manager. I love it so much, because I can unite my Italian roots with my love for Vancouver. 

I am very passionate in learning new languages (quote 5!) and in reading books. I think that there is nothing better than getting lost in a beautiful book, especially when you want to escape reality for a bit. Of course, I also have a love for having my photographs taken! I learned that I have a real passion for this, just last year. It started off in a really casual way, as I noticed that in Vancouver there were so many murals and colorful spots. This is not very common in Italy, and it was something that I fell in love with it right away. Slowly, it started to become something that I feel today, is apart of me and a reflection of my style.

This kicked off my passion of being in photoshoots, and taking photographs all around the city's beautiful public art spots. At the beginning, I have to admit, I was pretty shy but then it just became something so natural! And that's one of my tips for you guys: pose as if no one was there, if no one was looking at you!! I love how powerful photography is, it can print a face expression or a feeling that otherwise we wouldn't have noticed. 

Another thing that I love is sharing my life in Vancouver on my stories: places where I eat, the beautiful mountain views and simple things, like my daily life. It's also a way to keep connected with my friends in Italy, showing them what I do here!

And last but not least, I wanted to share with you this random fact. If I could choose any magazine in the world to be in, I would say Vanity Fair. I have such nice memories connected to it: every Sunday I used to go to buy it with my mom and we would read it together. Page by page, we would spend time together, while commenting on all of the beautiful dresses, and fashion.

That's what makes so much of me. My love for fashion, colours, style, gosh... anything that breeds self expression and influences the world.

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